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• Tooth By Tooth Induction Hardening

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Tooth By Tooth Induction Hardening

Sizes: From ½ DP to 5DP

Types: Spur, Helical, Bevel, Internal, Racks

Our Skills

Our tooth by tooth induction hardening is ideal for coarse pitch gears ranging in size from .5DP-4DP. This produces a full tooth contoured hardness pattern (AGMA type “A”).

During induction heating, an inductor is passed through the tooth space hardening only the areas affected by tooth wear. The open air process allows hardening to proper depths while minimizing heating of adjacent teeth. Distortion is controlled with precision scanning on CNC controlled equipment. This induction hardening process is an excellent option compared to furnace processes such as carburizing. By scanning individual teeth, distortion is minimized to the point that post grinding is not always necessary. Decades of experience provide a wealth of tooling to fit almost every tooth size.

“Natco” Process Fine Pitch Hardening

Sizes: From 4 DP to 10 DP

Types: Spur, Helical, Internal

Our submerged fine pitch gear hardening is a much sought after source for external and internal gears ranging in size from 5DP-10DP.

Sometimes called a Natco process, parts are submerged in a quench bath during hardening. A profile ground precision inductor is passed through each tooth while submerged. The submerged process allows for consistent quenching while minimizing distortion. This is the most distortion free induction hardening process we perform from tooth to tooth and gear to gear.

Production Runs of Any Lot Size

In addition to our gear hardening services, we also offer a wide variety of other induction options. Whether it is pins, shafts, or other induction applications, we are capable of handling production runs of any lot size. As a job shop, we process orders from one piece on up. Our in house machine shop provides quick tooling for any production run.